When it comes to growing fruits and vegetables on your small farm, the quality of the soil in which these foods are planted can have a significant effect on the overall taste and quality of the produce. Adding fertilizers to the soil can enhance the soil's ability support proper growth, but chemical fertilizers can compromise your farm's organic status.

Here are three non-chemical fertilizer options that you should consider for your organic farm when trying to supplement your soil in the future.

1. Add some coffee grounds to your soil.

Saving your grounds after drinking your morning cup of coffee can provide you with a simple and natural fertilizer source for your farm's soil. Coffee grounds can easily add nitrogen back into your soil, allowing for your produce to grow healthy and strong.

As an added bonus, coffee grounds can act as a deterrent to keep slugs out of your garden. Eliminating these pests will help you prevent produce loss due to slug damage.

2. Mix some crushed eggshells into your soil.

If your soil is lacking in minerals like calcium, then you can turn to crushed eggshells as an organic source of soil improvement. Crushing up some eggshells and mixing them into the topsoil will help your soil become more rich in vital minerals that contribute to plant growth.

The eggshells can also contribute to proper drainage, and the sharp edges of the shells can keep slugs and snails out of your garden as well.

3. Dry some banana peels and add them to your garden.

Using dried banana peels in the same way you would use mulch can be a simple and effective way to add a time-released fertilizer to your soil. As the banana peels begin to break down, they release nutrients into the soil. These nutrients are released over time, allowing plants constant access to the nutrients they need to grow strong and produce a high yield.

Dried banana peels can also serve as a natural pest repellent when it comes to keeping aphids and other insects away from your harvest.

Being able to grow your produce organically can be a beneficial way to eliminate chemicals from your diet. The addition of natural fertilizers like coffee grounds, crushed eggshells, and dried banana peels to your garden will allow you to enhance the quality of your soil without compromising the organic growth of your farm's fruits and vegetables. For more information, contact companies like Nature Safe.